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question of the day: Would playing a game about the moviegoing experience make you see more films this summer?

Yahoo Movies Movieland

Got this press release yesterday:

Summer movies are traditionally the blockbuster films of the year, and today, Yahoo! Movies launched a new interactive game, MOVIELAND, that celebrates these films, and delivers exclusive summer movie-related content and prizes for fans.

MOVIELAND highlights all 35 summer releases – like “Snow White and the Huntsman,” and “Rock of Ages” – by making them “stops” on the game board. Film lovers collect badges on MOVIELAND by buying movie tickets, answering trivia questions and watching trailers. Users with the highest badge rankings will have a chance to win the ultimate grand prize of free movie tickets until 2020, with the champion announced at the end of the summer. Throughout the summer (ending 9/7/12), there will be prize opportunities aligned with the season’s biggest titles – such as premiere tickets, signed posters and vacation packages.

For fans who want to get the full MOVIELAND experience, the game will come to life at COMIC-CON in July with a life-sized MOVIELAND game board fans can physically walk through and interact with. Please let me know if you need more information.

To play MOVIELAND, please visit: http://movies.yahoo.com/2012-summer-movies/movieland/.

Clearly, the point of this game is to keep surfers coming back to a Yahoo! site. But the side effect — for those who tend to get hooked on playing games — might be to impel some to see movies this summer that they weren’t planning on seeing, since purchasing tickets also gets a player points.

What do you think of Movieland? Would playing a game about the moviegoing experience make you see more films this summer? Would you play? Who do think would play… and why would they play?

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