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streamlining a few things around here

I’m constantly experimenting with ways I could be doing things better around here: there’s so much work to do that even small things that reduce even a little bit of work can be hugely helpful. And if I can figure out which things are both taking time and not really paying me back in traffic and new subscribers, all the better.
Which is why you’ve been seeing those daily posts from me running down the curatorial work I’m doing each day on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Pointing you in the directions of interesting news in the film/TV/media areas that I’m most concerned with — along with a snippet of my own commentary — is, I think, an important aspect of what I do as a pop-culture critic. But though it might not seem like it, formatting that material to post here takes a chunk of time for each post that can really add up: it’s much quicker to post links and commentary to the social networking sites. And it keeps this site focused more on my own original work. (I post the daily roundups here because I realize that not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

In the same vein, I’m going to be limiting posting here on the weekends. So no more Saturday Cute, retro trailers, or Church of Awesome. They never garnered much traffic or interest, as far as I can determine. And anything that pops onto my radar that would be appropriate for any of those will end up in the daily social networking links anyway.

With this shuffling, I’m hoping to make a little more time for the last few ideas I have to try out before I have to concede Internet defeat. Basically, I’m gonna stop banging my head against a wall that banging my head against hasn’t paid off on, and try banging my head against another wall for a while and see if that works.

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