the tyranny of PG13 (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Basically, the tyranny of PG13 ensures that kids get movies that can very quite violent and often misogynist, but grownups can’t get movies that are actually grownup. PG-13: Some material may be appropriate for box-office success

• What a shock. When Mainstream Media Coverage of Occupy Fell Off, So Did Their Coverage of Inequality and Corporate Greed

• We think superheroes are cool, therefore Loki is right: We all would prefer to be kneeling before a god. Not sure I agree with this… Hypocritical humanism in The Avengers

• So, then, people *aren’t* cutting the cord? A near-future prognosis for television: surprisingly strong, driven by more control

• Hey, why don’t we just turn our entire lives into reality shows? We’ll all wear cameras 24/7 and we’ll all be judged and ridiculed by the entire world. It’s the next logical step. Could a book writing competition ever be a reality TV show? Here’s a pitch:

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