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Bristol Palin doubles down on her celebrity idiocy (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Just when I think celebrity idiocy can’t get any celebridiocier, it does. Bristol Palin Broadcasts to Millions to Prove She’s ‘Anti-Hollywood’

• How does a writer get to be in a position to write for the The New Yorker and not have a basic understanding of ethics, or even just a sense of professionalism? What does it mean when unethical, unprofessional behavior keeps popping up in journalism? Jonah Lehrer’s ‘Self-Plagiarism’ Scandal Rocks The New Yorker

• Interesting for David Poland’s explanation of why advertising isn’t working for film criticism content online. Stephanie Zacharek Dismissal a Sad, Familiar Plotline

• A fashion spread in which women are made up to look as if they’ve been beaten and had their throats slashed. Because turning women into victims is beautiful, apparently. Not For The Squeamish: Is This Violent Editorial Art Or Exploitation?

• Commenters on reddit blast me for not watching something they love as closely as they think I should. The irony: they think I’m a man. Who’s not paying enough attention? This is not an acceptable review…especially the very last line.

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