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Doctor Who thing of the day: customized Converse

Yesterday’s Thing about completely impractical (and also imaginary) Doctor Who-themed shoes got me thinking that surely someone has been having fun customizing Converse sneakers, inspired by Ten’s preference for them. (You may have noticed that we never saw an actual Converse logo on David Tennant’s feet, thanks to the BBC’s unbreakable rule about avoiding product placement. But we knew what he was wearing.) So, I Googled, and I was rewarded.
From Brain Damaged:

Doctor Who custom Converse

By CustomConverseUK at etsy:

Doctor Who custom Converse

By emmivisser at etsy:

Doctor Who custom Converse

By Sabrea at deviantArt:

Doctor Who custom Converse

From Punk Your Chucks:

Doctor Who custom Converse

From Fandomania:

Doctor Who custom Converse

I’ll take one pair of each.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • Allyson Jane

    Wow, the second pair with “hello sweetie” is the one I like.

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