Doctor Who thing of the day: the show that can be a metaphor for anything!

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Here is a sign of how popular Doctor Who is: it is being appropriated and stretched almost unrecognizably into a metaphor for wildly unlikely, almost random other topics. As in an article at Search Engine Watch entitled “What ‘Doctor Who’ Can Teach Search Marketers.” A sample:

Every Week is a New Adventure

Every week the Doctor and his companions would arrive on a new world or at some point in history on this planet, unaware of the dangers they faced until they encountered them.

The search industry is remarkably fast paced. There never seems to be much of a respite in terms of impactful changes by the major search engines and the major social networks.

Each week we open our laptops with the realization that anything could happen:

An algorithm shift could cause our traffic to plunge or spike.

A new search engine “feature” could take away real estate from our listings.

A new feature on a tool we use gives us a set of previously unknown insights.

But that’s what makes it a challenge, and ultimately what makes it fun. While it may not seem it at the time, when you discover a giant crab clawing at your foot, or a penguin pecking at your links, finding a solution to your problem is absolutely satisfying.

It’s true: figuring out SEO is pretty much just like finding a giant crab clawing at your foot every day.

Wait, there’s more:

Use the Right Tools for the Job

Yes, it’s possible that a sonic screwdriver could be used to help you out in a lot of different situations, but it’s not a universal solve every problem tool. The Doctor frequently has to cobble together the right tool for the right job whether it’s trapping ghosts or inventing the VCR in 1953.

We have figure out what’s the right tool for what we’re trying to do, and if it doesn’t exist, figure out how to make it happen, whether that involves working with a tools vendor, or just building it yourself.

If you squint hard enough, Doctor Who can be a metaphor for anything. Go ahead, try it! Doctor Who can teach us about keeping a tidy house, because the Doctor is all about cleaning up interstellar messes! Doctor Who can teach us about 1950s auto mechanics, because the Doctor isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty! Doctor Who can teach us about brain surgery, because the Doctor once rescued a giant brain from a big pit!

It’s Doctor Who Mad Libs:

Doctor Who is like [blank] because the Doctor [blank].

Give it a whirl!

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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