FlickFilosopher.com now on Pinterest


As you may have noticed, I’m now on Pinterest with my first board, for FlickFilosopher.com. If you’re into this, you’ll find selected posts of mine pinned there — all reviews will go up there from now on, via images that include quotes (or near quotes) from my reviews, as well as other posts depending on their visual interest (I did pin the Jamie Bell female-gazing post, for one).

If you’re on Pinterest, I’d be pleased as punch if you followed me.

You’ll also find that you can now quickly Pin posts from within the post page, with the Pin It button located directly above the comments. For the posts I’ve chosen to pin myself to Pinterest, you’ll find a special image intended specifically for Pinterest (such as the quote images for reviews). For some reason, those special Pinterest images don’t show up in the popup that clicking on that button launches, but the images do show on your board.

The Pin It button is only available, for the moment, on new posts (as of a few days ago), but will soon be available on every page back to the beginning of time (aka: September 1997).

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