question of the day: Why does geek fandom hold grudges for so long?

Jar Jar Binks

How Michael Bay dissed Optimus Prime. The cancellation of Firefly. The existence of Jar Jar Binks. Colin Baker as the Doctor. Some fans just can’t let some things go. Hell, some geeks are still angry at NBC for axing the original Star Trek back in 1969.

SFX recently took a look at why fans don’t seem to be able to forgive and forget. Click over there and have a read, then come back and ponder this:

Why does geek fandom hold grudges for so long? Does it serve any purpose beyond tribal bonding if it’s not accompanied by actual activism (as in working to get a show renewed, for example)? Has the Net era encouraged and amplified geek grudge-holding? Will fandom ever learn how to forgive and forget?
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