a brief history of 221B Baker Street (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• “I find it fantastic that women are finally able to enjoy a culture that has predominately been male-oriented and male-driven.” This guy clearly has no idea that media fandom was pretty much invented by women geeks — Star Trek fans — in the early 1970s. Booth babes need not apply

• A brief history of perhaps the most famous of fictional addresses. The Mystery of 221B Baker Street

• It’s been this sort of day, yeah… @Krizanovich: We’ve all felt this way – Boris Karloff on set of Bride of Frankenstein (1935) RT tumblr vintagegal pic.twitter.com/uJpGTFvE

Boris Karloff Bride of Frankenstein

• I love this. Cool Stuff: Official Map of Christopher Nolan’s Gotham City

• Interesting… Neil Gaiman, 7, Interviewed About Scientology by the BBC in 1968

• Glad to see that Bale went not only not as Batman, but not even looking Bruce Wayne-ish. ‘Dark Knight Rises’ star Christian Bale visits victims of Aurora theater massacre

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