how to reboot The Dark Knight: don’t (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• The wisdom of Edna Mode shows itself once more… Physics Shows Batman’s Cape Is Suicide Machine

• Thank God! Someone is finally thinking of the advertisers! What do they want? How can we serve them better? The Web has been so unfriendly to advertisers, but this is being remedied. As E! Channel Rebrands Itself, It Introduces a More Ad-Friendly Web Site

• Alternatively: Do Not Fucking Reboot It. Tell some original damn stories for a while. 15 Ways To Reboot Batman After The Dark Knight Rises

• If you’re not reading Erik Childress’s Criticwatch, why not? Criticwatch – The Savage Pete Hammond

• Say what you want about the quality of this book, it’s now screamingly obvious that there’s a segment of the market that has been underserved by traditional publishing. 20 Million Shades of Green: Racy Book Hits Milestone

• Big Journalism is falling apart before our eyes. The Fissures Are Growing for Papers

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