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Mad Men-inspired McDonalds uniforms (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• “Big Content.” Heh. Can’t believe I haven’t heard that one before… UK Labour party sucks up to Big Content

• Mad Men-inspired McDonalds uniforms. Sign of the Apocalypse No. 98,863,357. Mad Men and McDonalds: welcome to the Olympic Park

• “‘The movie industry [should] treat smoking like it treats profanity and sex and violence,’ says lead author Dr. James D. Sargent” — you mean, they should be completely hypocritical and inconsistent about it? Check. Already there. Should smoking trigger an R rating?

• Wait, what? The US Olympics team’s uniforms are made in China? *facepalm* Lawmakers Propose Changes, and Bonfires, After ABC Report on Chinese-Made U.S. Olympic Uniforms

• Anyone else notice anything wrong with this headline? Comic-Con: New Superman Henry Cavill to Make Surprise Appearance at WB Panel

• No, it will destroy big-box retail, which cannot happen soon enough. How Amazon’s ambitious new push for same-day delivery will destroy local retail.

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