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question of the day: Is giving away a movie’s soundtrack — as with The Dark Knight Rises — a good publicity move?

The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack CD

Okay, it’s not quite being given away, but at the moment, you can stream Hans Zimmer’s entire soundtrack for The Dark Knight Rises at Empire. You can’t save it or anything — you’ll have to buy the CD or download it come July 16 if you like it that much [Amazon U.S.] [Amazon Canada] [Amazon U.K.] — but you can listen to all of it.

Is giving away a movie’s soundtrack a good publicity move?

For me, movie music doesn’t really have much resonance disconnected from the visuals. Oh, sure, I like listening to some soundtracks after I’ve seen a film — I have some soundtracks that I listen to over and over again — but that’s because the music helps recreate the emotional experience I had while watching the movie. So while I like the music on the Rises score, I can’t say that it actually makes me feel any differently about my anticipation for the film itself.

And there’s this, too: Isn’t anyone who’s going to see Rises already made that decision? Could hearing the score now possibly change anyone’s mind?
What do you think?

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