Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan slash fan fiction is a real thing (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• You will not be able to unsee or unread what you see and read here. You have been warned. The Strange World of Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan Fan Fiction

• Crappy erotica is propping up the economy. Which means, I think, that 50 Shades of Gray just tied up austerity wonks and slapped them in the ass. Or something. Fifty Shades of Grey: Barnes & Noble’s saving grace?

• Permanent full-time job for an experienced editor. Salary? Lunch and transit expenses (but only if you’re not traveling too far). Whom do they imagine will jump at such an “opportunity”? GB Mag, Editor (The company tweeted at me, in response to my tweet about this, saying that the ad site screwed up and they’re trying to get the ad fixed. The ad itself is gone now. I wonder if that’s actually true, or if they’re just panicking now that people are calling them on this nonsense.)

• This. How Hollywood Is Encouraging Online Piracy

• Actually, not at all. TMZ Finds Its Soul (Well, Sort Of)

• So what’s the problem with this project? Does Hollywood think even Stephen King’s name isn’t enough to sell it to audiences? Warner Bros. Passes on ‘Dark Tower’

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