question of the day: What pop songs always remind you of the films they were used in?

Back to the Future Michael J Fox

Today’s question is stolen from Dan of @Top10Films, who recently tweeted:

What pop songs always remind you of the films they were used in?

I’m not sure that Dan’s example of “The Power of Love” counts, because that song was written specifically for Back to the Future, and has never had an independent existence apart from that film, so it’s hard to see how that tune wouldn’t remind you of the film. Unless, I suppose, you didn’t realize it was from that movie until years after you first heard the song.

A better example might be @scottEweinberg, who didn’t realize that “Tubular Bells” wasn’t written for The Exorcist, which it featured dramatically in:

(This came after a tweet of his, which is no longer available, about the use of the music during the Olympics opening ceremony that implied that he can’t hear that music without thinking of the film.)

Me? I cannot ever hear Eric Clapton’s “Layla” and not think of GoodFellas.


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