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Doctor Who thing of the day: Matt Smith wants Peter Jackson to direct an episode, Jackson says Cool!

Peter Jackson

Look, it’s not happening, but this is what we get when everyone’s a geek and is on Twitter and whatnot. From Boing Boing:

Peter Jackson puts the idea of directing an episode of Doctor Who into everyone’s head, everyone dies

Okay, now, before we all (present company included) get too excited, let me state that this is not an official announcement, but merely words said by people out loud to the press. Matt Smith, who plays the eponymous character in Doctor Who, said that he’d love to sail over to New Zealand and film an episode of the show with director Peter Jackson. And then Jackson said, “Yeah, okay!”

As Boing Boinger Jamie Frevele goes on to note:

it’s Jackson’s sense of humor and demented whimsy that would make his episode of Doctor Who the most fun thing on TV. Jackson will freak us out, make us uncomfortable, and then break the tension with something truly unexpected (a walrus getting a blowjob) or mundane (a family of zombies having dinner… while falling apart). I’m telling you, this has to happen. It would kick ass.

Pretty much yep, what she said. (Click over to Boing Boing for links to Smith and Jackson’s conducted-via-the-media “conversation.”)

What do you think a Jackson-directed Doctor Who would look like? I mean, beyond the fact that he would stretch it into three episodes…

H/t to John.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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