question of the day: Which fictional school do you wish you could attend?

Starfleet Academy

It’s back-to-school time — at least in the northern hemisphere, where autumn is just beginning — with most schools and universities ramping up for a new year of studies. And so this is on my mind:

Which fictional school do you wish you could attend? And what would you study?

Here’s a very brief list of invented schools to get your brain started:

Sweet Valley High
Degrassi Junior High
Xavier Institute for Higher Learning
Prydonian Academy
Rydell High
St. Trinian’s
Faber College
Ankh-Morpork Assassins’ Guild
Rushmore Academy
Hudson University
Lowlands University
Marshall College
Muppet University
Vulcan Science Academy
Imperial Academy
A very comprehensive list of fictional schools is available at Wikipedia.

I might pick Starfleet Academy, and I’d probably study some mix of science and communication: maybe galactic comparative mythology.

Your turn…

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