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Doctor Who thing of the day: TARDIS tent is as big on the inside as you want it to be

If yesterday’s inflatable TARDIS didn’t make you feel like a pathetic dork for the impossibilities of your fantasies (disclaimer: may not apply to you) for being disappointed that it isn’t life size, nor is it bigger on the insider, then perhaps you should try the new TARDIS tent

which opens up to a printed image of the inside of the TARDIS


which makes it slightly easier to pretend you’re actually in the TARDIS. If you’re four years old and squint a bit.


Available at Amazon U.K. and Forbidden Planet at the end of the month.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • althea

    Damn. What’s up with these designers? How many of these things can they sell to kids compared to the potential for the adult market? And it doesn’t cost all that much, it’s not like a life-size one would be too expensive. Sigh…

  • lynn

    you could always makeover your flat, like that guy did for Star Trek.  The door could look like a police box

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