Doctor Who thing of the day: Tom Baker scarf licensed merch

Trust me: you’re gonna want this.
Doctor Who scarf Tom Baker Lovarzi

For what I believe is the first time ever, there is now a Tom Baker Fourth Doctor scarf officially licensed by the BBC and produced by British scarf retailer Lovarzi.

Lovarzi kindly sent me a scarf to evaluate, and I’m glad they did, because the photo does not do it justice. For one, the colors as depicted in the merch scarf (on the right) are too bright: the actual scarf is much more subdued, much closer to the tones in Tom Baker’s costume scarf (on the left, from Season 12, Baker’s first year). More key, though, is this: no photo could convey how crazy-long this scarf is. It’s hilarious, actually: I laughed out loud when I opened the package and this demented piece of neckwear slithered out. I’m not short, and I had to hold it, doubled up, way over my head to keep it off the floor. The damn thing is 12 feet long… 13 if you count the tassels.

It feels nice, too: it’s made of a soft acrylic, which is the only inaccurate thing about it — the costume scarf was made of wool, but that would probably be way too warm to wear on a regular basis. This Lovarzi scarf doesn’t feel costume-y or impractical: you could wrap this around your neck a few times and be cosy, and not necessarily look like you were off to a sci-fi convention. On the other hand, it’s a great option for cosplay if you don’t have a knitter friend or the inclination to knit a very long scarf for yourself.

Available from Lovarzi, Forbidden Planet (and their shops in the U.K.), BBCShop.com, and Amazon U.K. (Remember that when you shop at Amazon through a link at FlickFilosopher.com, it helps support my work.) It’s not cheap, at £50, but if you browse etsy, you’ll see that the handmade ones generally start around that price and go way higher, and don’t always look as authentic.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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