Doctor Who thing of the day: vacation in the TARDIS!

West Usk Lighthouse B&B

Not the actual TARDIS, alas. But it appears that there are many holiday cottages available for rent called “Tardis” in an apparent attempt to convince vacationers that they’re bigger on the inside.
There’s “The TARDIS” in Victoria, Australia:

Upon entry, The Tardis seems to expand in every direction. Boasting 3 spacious bedrooms, all with balconies, two separate living areas, kitchen and dining room, The Tardis certain lives up to its name.

If only!

“The Tardis” in Shropshire, England:

A deceptively spacious studio room…

There’s also: “Tardis on the Tamar” in Tasmania, Australia; “Tardis” in New South Wales, Australia; and “Tardis House” (a bed & breakfast) in Kent, England; “Tardis” (another B&B) in Saint Andrews, Scotland. And that’s just from a quick Google. I have no doubt there are many more.

None of these places have any Doctor Who appeal apart from their names, but The West Usk Lighthouse B&B in Newport, Wales, does offer this as a selling point:

The entrance hall is slate bedded and we have a Dalek at the bottom of the stairs and a Tardis on the roof! Which is an added bonus for Dr Who fans and those visiting the new Dr Who Exhibition in Cardiff.

(The photo above is from the West Usk site.)

Happy vacationing!

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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