Minnie Mouse is too fat and too short, apparently (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Fashion designers to cartoon mouse: You are too fat. Also, you are too short. Fuck this shit. Barneys : Leave Minnie Mouse Alone

skinny Minnie Mouse

• If they can kill the print edition of Newsweek, why can’t they kill the online one, too, and put us all out of its misery? A Turn of the Page for Newsweek

• Hilarious quote of the day: “A series of recent events have made it clear to me that Kate Gosselin and her contributions do not align with the authenticity which we set out to build almost a decade ago, and that Ms. Gosselin is simply not a good fit with the wonderful team and culture at CouponCabin.” Kate Gosselin fired from blogging job

• This is terrible. Ugh. Wyclef’s Haiti Charity May Have Been a Big Scam

(hat-tip for today’s links: AlterNet)

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