question of the day: What is the best screen kiss ever?

Carrie Fisher Harrison Ford Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

It’s half of the good stuff that draws us to the movies, which Pauline Kael famously reduced to “Kiss, kiss, bang, bang.” Yet film fans seem to talk about the sex side of sex-and-violence, from an analytical standpoint of examining how it’s presented, far less than we talk about the violence side. So let’s remedy that a little:
What is the best screen kiss ever? Or maybe just your favorite(s)? What makes a screen kiss great?

I love Han and Leia’s first kiss in The Empire Strikes Back. Probably mostly because I was young enough the first time I saw it — 11 years old — that it was exciting. But it also has some of the qualities that are necessary for all great screen kisses, in my opinion. It’s surprising (we’re no more expecting it than Leia is) yet hugely desired (it feels like we’ve been waiting for it the whole movie). And it also acutally looks like the characters are kissing! I cannot stand it when a closeup on what is supposed to be a romantic, intimate moment clearly shows us that a squeamish actor is kissing someone’s upper lip. Not romantic.

Your turn…

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