question of the day: What really dumb thing by a character in a really good movie really bothers you?

Aliens William Hope

I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I love Aliens. It’s one of my favorite movies. I never tire of rewatching it. But every time I do watch it, it drives me absolutely nuts that when Gorman, the inexperienced asshole of a lieutenant, tells the Marines they can’t use their guns while they’re searching to the missing colonists under the reactor. Because if only Gorman had told them why they can’t use their guns, I think they would have all been onboard with that, and the movie would have been very different. Because, you know, the Marines wouldn’t have disobeyed him and shot up the place causing the reactor to go critical and they wouldn’t have had a ticking clock to race against.
Here’s the cool thing! This isn’t a plot hole or something you have to suspend your disbelief over. This is Gorman behaving totally in character: he’s insecure yet arrogant (never a good combination) and you can practically here him thinking, These guys need to heed me because I am in charge. I don’t need to justify my orders to them. So I won’t. Gorman behaving as he does isn’t a flaw in the film — it’s actually a beautiful example of character driving the plot.

But it still makes me so crazy I have to shout at the screen at Gorman. Every time. If I’m alone and in no danger of embarrassing myself, that is.

Your turn:

What really dumb thing by a character in a really good movie really bothers you?

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