question of the day: Why is Tom Hanks so awesome?

Tom Hanks

As I watching Tom Hanks’s appearance on The Colbert Report last week, I was moved to spontaneously tweet:

Because, you know, this is a fascinating and important issue of our time. It’s a wonderful mystery! We all know Hanks is awesome, yet no one can quite put a finger on, precisely, why he is awesome. We can offer evidence for his awesomeness, tons of which has accumulated over just the past week. There’s his multiple performances in Cloud Atlas. There’s that Colbert appearance during which he makes fun of himself and of celebs hawking their own shit on TV:

Tom Hanks on The Colbert Report

We can note that he drops an F-bomb on morning TV

Tom Hanks Good Morning America

and everyone thinks it’s adorable. (Well, almost everyone.)

He has down-to-earth fun with fans

Tom Hanks with fan viral fun

that goes viral because it demonstrates Hanks’ awesomeness. (To be fair, that one is from August. But I only just heard about it.) But that’s circular logic! Hanks is awesome because he’s awesome? That’s not a scientific explanation.

Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of it: Why is Tom Hanks so awesome? The finest minds in pop culture have been pondering this since Bosom Buddies, so I don’t expect we’ll be able to find the definitive answer. But perhaps we can make some scratches on the surface of this conundrum.

(Thanks to Stephanie for the BuzzFeed link.)

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