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new daily digest email for subscribers (plus: sub rates going up Dec 1)

Last night I mailed the first in what will be a daily email only for subscribers to FlickFilosopher.com: a daily digest with links to all of that day’s new posts, including reviews, that will go out around midnight GMT each day. This was suggested by a reader, and I hope subscribers will find it useful. No one is obligated to take it, however, and there are quick and easy instructions in each email for how to stop getting the daily digest.
If you didn’t receive that email last night and think you should have, please drop me a line and let me know, and we’ll figure out what happened. Please include the email you used to subscribe, if it’s not the one you’re emailing from.

If the daily digest sounds like it might be useful for you, you need only subscribe via Amazon or PayPal — once you’ve done that, you’ll be given the option to sign up for that email list.

If you’ve been thinking of subscribing but haven’t done so, now is the time to jump in. The minimum subscription for new subscribers will go up on December 1 to $5 per month, to coincide with another new email subscription product that Flick Filosopher subscribers will get for free, but everyone else will pay $1 per week for. Subscribe now, and you will get all that (plus the other bonuses listed here) for as little as $1 per month. (Yes, I hinted at this a while back, but now that other thing is just about ready to go. In fact, subscribers will get a first peek at that this week.)

Oh, and FYI: I will never ever ever sell or share in any way your email address or other personal information to anyone. Ever. That makes me a sucker, because that’s how a lot of popular sites make money: by selling out their readers. I won’t do that. I also don’t bombard you with annoying ads for shitty products and services you have no interest in buying.

But that leaves reader support as the way this site will keep going. Please subscribe.

As I’m often reminded by assholes on other sites, when I get involved in discussions about how the Net era has been awful for writers, no one is “entitled” to make a living as a writer or as a film critic. I guess this is true: no one should feel obligated to support my work. On the other hand, no readers should feel entitled to quality content for free, and I am not obligated to continue providing it.

Look, I know times are tough and money is tight for everyone. I’ve heard from a few people lately who’ve had to cancel their subs because of their financial situation. I understand totally. But I’m in the same boat, too. This site requires far more than full-time hours to run, and I’m doing it all by myself, which doesn’t leave time for other work. I don’t mind telling you I’m getting pretty desperate.

I’m down to the wire here. I need your support. I keep trying to come up with more ways to especially acknowledge those who do support my work (as with the new daily digest). What else can I give you? I’m open to suggestions.

To the readers who have already subscribed, thank you. Let me know what you think of the daily digest.

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