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question of the day: What’s your favorite pop-culture weapon?

famous weapons Daniel Nyari

Artist Daniel Nyari has created a fantastic poster featuring an array of weapons from pop culture, of which the image above is but a small part. (See the whole thing, and buy posters and T-shirts, at Nyari’s site.) And it prompts today’s question:
What’s your favorite pop-culture weapon?

Lightsaber? Phaser? Or maybe you prefer something that also exists in the real world, such as Harry Callahan’s Magnum or SG1’s P90? Or Shaun’s anti-zombie cricket bat?

I think I might choose the Proton Pack, invented by Dr. Egon Spengler. Because who wouldn’t feel safer walking around with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on one’s back?

Your turn…

Via Vulture via @Krizanovich.

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