question of the weekend: What do you see in the world (or whatever corner of it you choose) that gives you hope?

Today’s question comes from reader Bluejay, who wants to know:

What do you see in the world (or whatever corner of it you choose) that gives you hope?

I’ve seen quite a bit coming out of New York in the wake of superstorm Sandy that gives me hope. The generousity of New Yorkers — or Hobokeners, as seen in this photo going around on Facebook:
we have power

doesn’t surprise me, but it does gratify me to get a reminder that people are basically mensches, at least when the shit hits the fan. (Though there were also reports of fights in miles-long lines for gas in the New York area, too.)

More astonishing, perhaps, is the blunt talk from Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who just two weeks ago was bashing Democratic President Obama but did an instant turnaround and has been honestly effusive of Obama’s assistance in his state. There’s a great clip of Christie telling Fox News to basically fuck off with the politics when the hosts try to get him to play along with helping Mitt Romney look concerned about the devastation. It sucks that it takes an enormous disaster like this to get politicians to act like human beings, but maybe some of that will linger for a little while. And maybe people will remember Christie’s behavior and demand more of it from him and from other politicians.

And then there’s NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg and New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who have made no bones about Sandy as a climate-change event, speaking publicly about the obviousness of it. The cover of Bloomberg Businessweek, with its blaring heading of “It’s Global Warming, Stupid” is astonishing for its frankness. (Yes, the magazine is part of the portfolio of New York’s billionaire mayor.) Again, it’s a shame that it takes a direct hit on New York for the media — even a small slice of it — to speak up (I really thought that Katrina would be a wakeup call for America, but that didn’t happen), but it’s a start. Maybe.

Your turn…

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