Doctor Who thing of the day: seven-year-old Ethan is a secret Dalek!

I am informed that there’s a kind of secret hidden in the photo I posted yesterday of the Doctor Who float at London’s New Year’s Day parade. From Jill via email:

Yesterday you posted about the wonderful Matt Elliott and the other Doctors and characters from Doctor Who in the New Year’s Parade. Well, I wanted to share with you a Doctor Who thing that isn’t so obvious in the photos. You see the little Dalek on the float behind the Doctors? There is a 7yr old boy inside it called Ethan.

Ethan is autistic and has loved Daleks since he got into Doctor Who at 2yrs old. He has a huge Dalek collection and has costumed as a Dalek at conventions and charity events but Santa brought him a 3/4 size Dalek for Christmas and his first event was the parade!

Jill is Ethan’s mom, and she shares some photos of Ethan via his Facebook page. Ethan at the parade, before getting into the Dalek shell (with his little brother peeking in):

Ethan Dalek New Year's Day parade

Inside the Dalek, with “Captain Jack Harkness”:

Ethan Dalek New Year's Day parade

Inside the Dalek, with “the Eleventh Doctor” (aka Matt Elliott):

Ethan Dalek New Year's Day parade

Lucky Ethan got to meet the “real” Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, recently:

Adorable. It always touches me to see how Doctor Who (like Star Wars and Star Trek) has become such a wonderful outlet for, in some instances, kids and grownups who might otherwise have a bit of trouble interacting with the world. Go Ethan!

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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