why you need Movie Cheat Sheet (especially if you’re not a film geek)

Why haven’t you subscribed to the Movie Cheat Sheets yet? Perhaps you don’t realize what you’re missing. Here’s a taste of the sort of quick-hit movie advice that lands in your in-box twice a week:
Movie Cheat Sheet sample

Not enough? I’ve just uploaded new sample issues, so you can see what you’re missing:

US and Canada: multiplex edition | DVD/streaming edition

UK: multiplex edition | DVD/streaming edition

The Movie Cheat Sheets are specifically designed for those who don’t consider themselves movies geeks but just need to know what’s worth heading to the multiplex for, and what to rent or stream when you feel like a flick at home. For a ridiculously low price, you get two emails each week: one lets you know what’s worth paying multiplex prices for, and the other lets you know what’s worth renting or streaming (including little movies that may have slipped under your radar and classics to stream when you need a quick movie fix).

Take a look at the Movie Cheat Sheets— I don’t think it’s like anything else you’ll find available online.

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