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T-shirts and other merch for you to waste your money on (hopefully)

I’ve decided to give the merchandise thing another try. I’ve used Zazzle to create three different T-shirt designs: “cinevore,” “biast,”
Zazzle Flick Filosopher tees

and “story geek.” You can customize the shirt style and color (there’s well over a hundred different options for you to play with, including stuff for kids and babies). All three designs are also available on both round and square lapel buttons.

My U.S. store is here.

Everything is available internationally, too:

Today until the kickoff of the Super Bowl, Zazzle is offering 25% off all products. Use code: PREKICKOFF13 . (That might be U.S. only.)

I’ve set my royalty to the lowest possible amount, to keep the item costs down. So that means I’ll sell thousands of these, right?

Zazzle has many other items available to print on (bags, smartphone cases, etc). If you’d like something else, let me know, and I’ll get to it as quickly as I can.

Feel free to discuss other designs you might like to see.

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