why America’s Internet access sucks (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• The disdain for women from mainstream media is breathtaking. ‘The Bell Jar’ Cover Inspires Online Parodies

• Boiled down: “Instead of ensuring that everyone in America can compete in a global economy, instead of narrowing the divide between rich and poor, instead of supporting competitive free markets for American inventions that use information, instead that is of ensuring that America will lead the world in the U.S. in the information age, U.S. politicians have chosen to keep Comcast and its fellow giants happy.” Susan Crawford on Why U.S. Internet Access is Slow, Costly and Unfair

• Signs point to No… Are filmgoers finally rejecting screen violence?

• TV news anchor doesn’t know Onion is fake, also doesn’t do rudimentary factchecking on Web site reporting what she thinks is outrageous news. Journalmalism! TV reporter discovers Onion stories are fake

• And now: A collection of postings from Facebook from people who don’t realize the Onion is parody news. Literally Unbelievable

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