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Doctor Who thing: have a cuppa with the Doctor…

Cara McGee at Adagio Teas has created a series of Doctor Who signature tea blends. These aren’t just fannish flights of fancy — they’re real teas you can really buy.
The Ten blend:

A rich, sweet, and bright blend, full of quirks (and just a touch bananas). A tea you’ll find yourself constantly reaching for…

blended with black tea, assam melody tea, ceylon sonata tea, cocoa nibs, natural chocolate flavor, natural soursop flavor, marigold flowers, strawberries, pineapple pieces

teas: guanabana, chocolate, irish breakfast

accented with chocolate chips and marigold flowers

The River Song blend:

I could describe this tea, but that would be spoilers.

blended with black tea, rooibos tea, orange peels, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavor, lemon grass, natural bergamot flavor, natural creme flavor, marigold flowers, natural lemon flavor, natural coconut flavor, dried coconut

teas: earl grey moonlight, coconut, rooibos lemon cloud

The TARDIS blend:

Tastes bigger inside the cup [Ethereal earl grey and enchanting black berry with notes of vanilla]…

blended with black tea, orange peels, natural bergamot flavor, blue cornflowers, natural blackberry flavor, natural vanilla flavor, blackberry leaves

teas: earl grey bravo, blackberry, vanilla

There are many other blends available, too.

I’m not a fan of flavored teas or infusions or anything other than a nice strong cup of proper black tea (with lots of sweetener and cream, natch), but I could be tempted to buy some of these because if you go for the 6oz option, it comes in a way-cool tin. Each blend has its own design — this is the TARDIS blend’s tin:


Warning: Shipping anywhere outside the U.S. is ridiculously expensive. Oddly, Adagio’s U.K. site does not offer the Doctor Who teas…

Via Laughing Squid.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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