doing science and/or comedy while female shocks people

I Fucking Love Science

Well, shocks idiots. From the Guardian:

A swath of science fans expressed shock Wednesday upon learning that a popular science Facebook page is run by a woman.

Elise Andrew, an English blogger living in Canada, posted a link promoting her Twitter feed on her I Fucking Love Science Facebook page, which has more than 4.2m fans.

“I got Twitter! I figured it’s about time I started exploring other social media. If you’re on there, can you Tweet me some science people worth following?” Andrew said.

The post provoked an onslaught of comments discussing her gender and looks. “ me! This is a babe ?!!” wrote commenter Can Durace. “holy hell, youre a HOTTIE!” wrote Douglas Pistone Linares.

Lou Forbes said: “you mean you’re a girl, AND you’re beautiful? wow, i just liked science a lil bit more today ^^”

And I just died a little inside. I fucking love science. But I fucking hate people sometimes.

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