listen to me talk about comics on film (from 2005)

Howard Margolin Marc Wilkofsky MaryAnn Johanson

I was saddened to learn recently that comics pro and longtime fan Marc Wilkofsky died last autumn. I was acquainted with Marc through New York-area fandom — he was a gentle, odd soul, as tend to accrue around fandom.
Marc and I cohosted the panel “Comics And Film: Are They A Perfect Match?” at I-Con 24 in April 2005, along with Howard Margolin, who recorded the whole thing for his radio show “Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction” (which airs on the station of SUNY Stony Brook, the university which was home to the convention). Howard has now made his recording of the panel available on the Destinies site as MP3 files: Part 1 and Part 2.

That’s us on the panel in the photo above: Howard on the left, Marc in the center, and me on the right.


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