“punched in the gut and launched into space” is the new “women in refrigerators”

Superman kills Lois Lane

Superman. Embodying truth, justice, and the American way. Hey, it’s not Superman’s fault if “the American way” now includes virulent misogyny. John Gholson at Gutters & Panels:

Some Thoughts on ‘Injustice’ #3 aka the One Where Superman Punches Lois Lane to Death

[S]omewhere, some editor (Jim Chadwick, editor of Injustice?) is wringing his hands with glee, thinking, “This is exactly why we allowed it! We want to get people talking about comics!” Well, that’s all fine and good, but how about we do it without resorting to the most pure fictional symbol of Truth, Justice, and the American Way slugging a woman in the gut so hard that she leaves the Earth’s atmosphere? There’s a lot of discussion about sexism in comics and video games, and hooray – DC gets to be a part of that discussion now, on the totally wrong side of it, by promoting their upcoming video game with a story that, and I can not understate this, hinges on Superman beating a woman to death.

I would say that Superman beating women to death, hallucination or not, is so beyond what people expect of Superman in an all-ages comic that all may be lost with DC’s new editorial regime. … [I]t’s especially troubling to female readers. There’s a conversation going on right now about the marginalization of female geeks that can not be ignored. Injustice #3 does its best to ignore that conversation, and reinforces DC as an ignorant company that doesn’t understand why decisions like this would offend anyone.

Dunno why Gholson is so touchy. Everyone knows that, in fiction, the death of a woman is simply a traditional way to advance a man’s personal spiritual journey.

Via @ scottEweinberg.

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