should we start calling the History Channel Hyfy?

Bible Diogo Morgado

The History Channel presenting dramatic reenactments of Bible stories is worse than Syfy showing professional “wrestling.” From the Guardian:

It describes fantastical events, yet appears on the History Channel…

More than 13 million viewers watched the first episode, featuring a cast of actors who are often so good-looking that scenes from the Old Testament can resemble a fashion advertisement…

Critics panned some graphic scenes – such as Mary’s labour giving birth to Jesus – while slamming its apparent squeamishness about sex in others, such as the destruction of the city of Sodom, where little is given away about the sexual behaviour of its citizens…

[S]pats have arisen over the lack of prominent non-white characters, aside from Samson. Others have attacked it as a too-literal interpretation of a religious work that many theologians believe was allegory as much as a telling of factual narratives. The Bible has certainly played it straight, recounting Adam and Eve’s fall from grace, Noah’s flood and the work of angels as straight factual narratives.

At least Syfy is pretty much admitting that wrestling is fiction.

Oh my gawd, the History Channel’s Jesus (above, played by Diogo Morgado*) is hot. No wonder people are watching.

*In the ancient tongue of the Dúnedain, of course, “Diogo Morgado” means “the Right Hand of Sauron.”

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