the move to WordPress I mentioned recently…

It’s in progress. I found a company that — for a not inconsiderable fee that I can’t really spare but what am I gonna do? — will help with translating my highly customized database into something WordPress can use. Which is the thing I was most dreading. But I’m still doing all the setting up of the WordPress site myself, which is kinda like being flown blindfolded to a foreign country you’ve never even heard of and can’t identify when they throw you off the plane, and now you need to learn to speak a language you’ve never heard before in order to feed and shelter yourself. (Cuz your kidnappers didn’t even leave you any local currency. Not even pocket change.)
I just spent most of today trying to figure out how to make something that works like a table using only CSS, and no outmoded HTML code. Hope floats… but then do you need to clear it? *argh*

I’ve been dreaming about php for the last several nights. It’s not really conducive to a restful sleep.

If everything goes smoothly, there will come a day soon when you’ll stop by here and the site will look all new and cool and WordPress-y and 2013ish.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve been a bit absent over the past week or so, and why I’m so behind on reviews. Hope to get a couple things posted tomorrow…

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