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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

where are the women writers on Doctor Who?

Karen Gillan Matt Smith

Oh, adorable Mathilda Gregory at the Guardian doesn’t understand that women simply don’t like science fiction and don’t read it and have no interest in writing it. Obviously. Because science fiction is a boy thing.

Why Doctor Who needs more female writers

[S]eason seven of Doctor Who will feature no female scribes at all. Not in the bombastic dinosaurs and cowboys episodes that aired last year, and not in any of the new episodes we’re about to receive. In fact, Doctor Who hasn’t aired an episode written by a woman since 2008, 60 episodes ago. There hasn’t been a single female-penned episode in the Moffat era, and in all the time since the show was rebooted in 2005 only one, Helen Raynor, has ever written for the show.

When questioned on the subject last year, Caroline Skinner, the show’s recently departed executive producer, said that it was her intention to see more women writing for Doctor Who. But none has emerged. So I asked producer Marcus Wilson about his plans to improve the balance of male and female writers on the show. “Due to schedules and other projects, both male and female writers whom we have wanted to join the team simply haven’t been able to,” he said. “For us it’s about who can write good Doctor Who stories, regardless of gender.”

Hey, it just so happens that the best people who can write Doctor Who stories happen to be men. Is that the fault of the men running the show?


If they wanted women writers on Doctor Who, they would have them. There are no excuses to be made.

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