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Sweatshop game

Of course we have a free and open media. As long as you don’t criticize the corporate gatekeepers. From Geek.com:

Apple removes Sweatshop iOS game from sale because it made them uncomfortable

[The game] tasks the player with running a sweatshop producing clothing and footwear. It is aimed at young people in a bid to get them thinking about where the clothes we buy come from and the conditions workers in some of these factories suffer through.

Over its 30 levels the player has to deal with ever larger orders, more types of products to make, but also problems like fires, no toilets, unions, and employees getting tired or ill. It’s realistic because the choice of what to do–look after the workers or complete the orders–falls to the player, and hopefully teaches them the difficulties in balancing the two in the process.

Hit a little too close to home, did it, Apple?

I love Apple products. I don’t love how they’re made. I guess being “insanely great” doesn’t extend to the company’s manufacturing methods. I guess it’s easier to pretend sweatshop conditions don’t exist — and to hide the truth from those who don’t already know it — than, you know, doing something insanely great about it.

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