I normally employ a total ban on linking to Huffington Post…

But this is a wonderfully ironic kick in the ass for a writer at HuffPOS (as I like to call it).

Allie Compton thought she had found the perfect little adorable studio — with a garden! — in Brooklyn. But she was turned down as a tenant because, she was told:

“Your job is too shaky.”
“Media is a low-paying industry.”

(If a landlord in NYC thinks you might not be able to pay the rent, they don’t have to rent to you, and it’s not anything like illegal discrimination.)

Mind you, she shares this complaint on a site THAT DOES NOT PAY THE VAST MAJORITY OF ITS WRITERS.

Sorry to shout. Huffington Post enrages me.

Even if she is one of the rare contributors to HuffPOS who does get paid, she is a direct contributor to the culture that has devalued the work of writers.

Payback can be a bitch.

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