London in the 23rd century (via Star Trek Into Darkness)

I’m a little bit obsessed with the futuristic London skyline the trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness have been teasing us with:
London skyline Star Trek Into Darkness

(Click here for a larger version.)

I think maybe it’s because 1) I love this city, 2) I’m here, and 3) I’m here just at the moment when London is developing a recognizable skyline, not just thanks to the Shard but because of a whole bunch of other really tall (for London) buildings that are going up now, with “the Cheese Grater” and “the Pinnacle” and “the Walkie-Talkie” joining “the Gherkin” in The City alone.

Londonist, from which I grabbed the image, notes:

The clip shows a city much-altered from our own day, with at least a dozen Shard-height towers. Some buildings have survived. St Paul’s nestles among the skyscrapers, its ‘protected views’ long overturned. In the distance, both Waterloo Bridge and the Golden Jubilee footbridges remain. We also know from the poster that the Gherkin and the London Eye have also survived into the 23rd Century. Was our city unaffected by the nuclear wars of the mid-21st Century? Have these landmarks been rebuilt? Or are we in yet another alternative timeline? Much for hardcore Trekkers to debate, and we’ll leave them to it.

I got nothing deep to add. I just wanted a reason to post this image so I could keep looking at it.

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