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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

London photo of the day: sometimes the camera sees more than your eye does

rose in sunlight
For instance, this beam of sunlight did not register on my eyeballs like it did on the camera lens. Apparently God was pretty happy with this particular sidewalk rose in Wood Green this other day. It is very nice.

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  • Steve Gagen

    It’s called lens flare and is an artifact created by your camera – though people sometimes add or encourage it for artistic reasons. You can even add it artificially uing Photoshop. There is quite a good explanation for the phenomenon at http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/lens-flare.htm.

  • I think she knows that, Steve. Heck, she’s an atheist even. She’s just goofing, man.

  • Captain_Swing666

    This is Maryann going all J.J. Abrams on us.

  • I’m aware of what it’s called. :->

  • RogerBW

    Nah, it’s not being spun as a deep and complex mystery while in fact it’s being frantically cobbled together thirty seconds before the cameras roll.

  • 53greendragon

    The horticulturist must speak up: It’s a camellia, not a rose. It is a very lovely photo too.

  • b.lynch black

    i confess that i have a sneaking little affection for lens flare. and camillas, although these look like rose begonias to me.

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