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spoiling movies in a responsible way will be a new thing here…

Oblivion Tom Cruise

…when I get up and running on WordPress (which will be very soon), when I can protect such posts from accidental viewing. In the meantime, please enjoy this post from Film School Rejects, which explores “9 Big Questions Left Unanswered by ‘Oblivion.’” Which it amusingly explains thusly:

Oblivion is the kind of science fiction movie that plays with a lot of other movies’ toys and forgets to clean them up afterward. Then we all step on a HAL 9000 doll in the middle of the night when we’re going for that last piece of fried chicken in the fridge, and the bruise reminds us to yell rhetorically at the Tom Cruise-starring movie the next morning. How many times have we told it to pick up its things?

Do not click over unless you’ve already seen the film, or unless you don’t care if it’s spoiled for you.

Also don’t read on unless either applies.

I added a tenth thing in comments, which is this:

There’s also the matter of “the big game” that original-Jack-on-the-space-shuttle tells Mission Control he doesn’t want spoiled (and so he doesn’t know how it ends) and that 49-Jack recounts the ending of for 49-Victoria. Unless there’s two completely different “big games”… in which case, WTF is going on with all this big-game stuff?

Basically, you barely need to start thinking about Oblivion before it falls apart.

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