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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

Disqus is all frakked up…

In case you haven’t noticed.

Comment counts are wrong on pages other than post pages (such as on the home page). Some comments aren’t appearing at all, though Disqus says they’re not lost and will appear eventually.


Disqus says they’re working on it…

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  • Adam

    Yes, that happens some time

  • LaSargenta

    *BUMP* Noticed something weird. The Big Issue Post https://www.flickfilosopher.com/2014/03/london-photo-day-big-issue.html says it has 8 comments, the Recent Comments Page says that thread has 8 comments, but if you go to that page and look — it only has 5 comments. IF we right-click on the “8 Comments” link at the upper left of the banner for the Comment Section and open this all over again in a new tab (I’m in Firefox) then we see all 8 comments. Not terribly important for that post, perhaps, but weird and I’m posting this here in case Disqus ever searches for mention of itself…complain, complain, complain. This is NOT for MAJ to have to deal with. ;-)

  • I noticed that something is off. If you click on the “Sort by” menu at the top left of the comments section, you can get all the comments to show up. I’m sending Disqus a note on Twitter to let them know about the problem.

  • Disqus has had timeframes where they have would have no issues for quite a long time. The motivation behind why they are having issues now is on account of they are chipping away at including back end redesigns and endeavoring to settle bugs.

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