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Doctor Who thing: angels wanna wear the Doctor’s red shoes

Elvis Costello’s “The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes” popped up on my playlist the other day, and I thought, Ooo, surely someone has set some David Tennant-in-his-red-Converse footage to this. A quick Google later, I found this, by Pyrate Anny:

Not bad. Needs more Weeping Angels, maybe…

What other great songs demand Doctor Who fan videos? (I’d like to see a one set to Queen’s “It’s a Kind of Magic.” It probably already exists…)

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • GeeksAreMyPeeps

    George Harrison’s “Any Road”

  • teenygozer

    Got an actual video for you:


    It’s “Handlebars” by the Flowbots, and the vid is amazing.

    They have a website: http://flummery.org/
    I think you’d also like “Metaphor”. The “Sexy and I know It” vid celebrates the female gaze, but it descends into jokiness a bit too often to suit me.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I dunno, the lyric to “It’s a Kind of Magic” has so many specific allusions to “Highlander”.

    “This is a kind of magic.
    There can be only one.
    This race that lasts a thousand years,
    Will soon be done.”

  • Melissa Cheran

    I think the Thompson Twins’ Doctor Doctor could be put to good use

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