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Doctor Who thing: dress your baby girl like a Dalek

Because nothing says “adorbs” like cyborgs on an interstellar genocidal rampage:

baby Dalek dress Doctor Who

By Selina McEntee.

Via The Poke on Facebook.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • RogerBW

    I could certainly see a pushchair got up as the Davros travel machine…

  • b.lynch black

    i don’t understand the fascination with daleks… they’re the *bad* guys, for goodness sake, without all the charm and wit of someone like say… roger delgado’s Master, or the mystery and madcap whimsey of the Doctor. but i do admire the fannish creativity of something like this little one’s jumper.

  • Well, the Daleks were traditionally pretty ridiculous, when you could just run up the stairs to get away from them…

  • Jurgan

    I think the charm has to do with how silly they appear to be and yet managing to be effective despite it. Kids were terrified of these giant pepper shakers. There’s something to admire about how they overcame the limits of the day simply with good writing (I assume- I’m not familiar with old Who). Of course, there’s also the fact that they’ve been heavily marketed since day one.

  • teenygozer

    People loved Darth Vader, too, long before the whole redemption scene in Return happened. Fan interest and appreciation made bounty hunter Boba Fett come to life when all he had was a few non-verbal moments in Empire. I think people just like a bad guy!

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