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redirects and Disqus now fully operational!

I think just about everything is now operating in the new WordPress site. Redirects of old URLs have been fully implemented, so you shouldn’t encounter any broken links. If you do, please email me with the link that isn’t working, so I can fix it.

All Disqus threads have now been migrated over from the old pages, and even better, the old Movable Type comments, from before I started using Disqus, have now been imported into Disqus (this was not possible under MT, or I’d have done it way back when). You can “claim” your old comments, so that they appear now with your Disqus profile, via a process Disqus explains here.

The only major glitchy thing I’m seeing at the moment is that the comment count is off for some posts in some places: some at the top of a post, some in category or tag listings. I’ll see if I can figure out how to fix that.

Some old posts have weird formatting, which I’ll fix as I run across it, but since it doesn’t make the posts unreadable, I’m not making that a top priority at the moment.

Please do continue to let me know if you run into glitchy stuff…

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  • So this is your new site upgrade? Looks interesting. For feedback, I wish you would remove the social widget to the left that follows me as I scroll down the page. I find it annoying.

  • PJK

    If you click on the small cross in the bottom of the social widget it disappears and it seems to stay away at least as long as I don’t close the browser.

  • What PJK said about getting rid of it.

    If I don’t see a noticable uptick in social sharing — or if a lot of readers complain about it — I’ll turn off that floating bar.

  • David C-D

    15+ years, still made of awesome! On a budget!

    Hope this is a small step toward ultimate world domination ;-)

  • David C-D

    On a more substantive note, I find the organization of the front page a bit confusing. The main bar at the top seems to have reviews and trailers, which don’t overlap with the content below. But, “The East” trailer appears in the lower section instead. The middle section (QOTW, Movie Buzz, etc…) seems to overlap with “More Goodies” at the bottom, but not in chronological order.

    Is there some logic to what goes where?

    I’ll probably end up just going to “All Recent Posts” so I don’t miss anything. I might miss having it on the front page but I imagine I’ll get used to it. I do appreciate having more pictures, it looks nice.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Well, for values of “fully operational” that involve Disqus.

    Not that I think you should switch to another commenting solution. I’m just constantly amused and bemused at the new and exciting ways the Disqus folks find to break their own system.

  • If there was another commenting solution, I’d consider it.

  • No, the stuff on the slider is not repeated below. Alas, there’s no way to keep something that’s featured in the rows of smaller boxes below the slider from repeating in the posts listing below that. Perhaps I should entirely delete that listing and just direct readers to the “all recent posts” page in that area.

    The logic is: the slider is highlighting what I think it the really hot important new reviews, trailers, and Doctor Who episode blogging. The first row of boxes before that will always be 1) the Question of the Week/Weekend 2) the latest trailer without repeating what’s in the slider 3) the latest Doctor Who Thing post. The second and third row of boxes will highlight a rotating array of what I consider the most important non review and non trailer post. I hope to write more editorials, so eventually the regular editorial will probably grab one spot for its own (a la the QOTW); I also hope to do a regular What to Watch on Netflix and VOD, which will likely also grab its own regular spot.

    It’s all a work in progress. Maybe I’ll end up taking trailers out of the slider? I’m sure other stuff will evolve, too. But what I’m doing here isn’t different from how other sites are evolving to make some posts more prominent over others.

    Ideally, I’ll someday get to a point where I can hire someone to create a truly customized site for me, rather than me having to jury-rig something half-assedly from an off-the-shelf option.

  • Since when has Disqus recently broken their system?

  • Okay I see. I’ll just block the widget then for my own benefit.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Well, define “recently”. I will say that it routinely scrambles the order of comments on long threads, mangles tags an inordinate amount of the time, and still drops comments into the ether.

  • Can you go a little more in depth with the comment sorting problems?

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Clicking the “Load more” button caused it to display a random set of comments, in no discernable order. This was over at patheos.com. I filed a bug report on that one.

  • What sort order was you using when you experienced this problem?

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    All three.

    Like I said, I included all of this in a bug report to Disqus. Even got a response that they had reproduced the issue.

  • Oh okay.

  • Based on your feedback, I’ve reorganized the front page a bit. Let me know what you think.

  • David C-D

    Thanks for all the explanation. I agree the front page is less confusing without the bottom section. I love that “All Recent Posts” has pictures now, that might be my favorite of the recent changes.

    Few thoughts (all minor):

    It’s still weird to me that there are posts as recent as Thursday that don’t appear on the front page. But, I will make heavy use of “All Recent Posts” so it won’t really change anything.

    Might be nice if the headers (Question of the Weekend, Movie Buzz, WTF, etc.) would click through to the relevant category listing. You can get there anyway by bringing up the article and then clicking the category link. But, the more stuff people can get to in one click from the front page the better (I guess…).

    Would be awesome if the category listings had pictures like how All Recent Posts does. Now I am spoiled by All Recent Posts :). The custom ones like In Cinemas and Doctor Who look great, just the default ones like Trailers, Movie Buzz that could use pictures to spruce them up.

    Looks like the categories don’t always line up with the title? For example, when I click through the relevant posts, there doesn’t seem to be a WTF or Women in Pop Culture category. Is that deliberate or just something to get synced up later?

    Any reason you didn’t put names with the thumbnails for Female Gazing? Not a big deal, just surprising. BTW I guess we need to suggest more aggressively, I’ve been missing Female Gazing lately. The new layout makes the lack of new entries more glaring.

    Ok that’s probably way more feedback than you can use. Thanks for all the hard work, hope it will pay off sooner than later!

  • It’s still weird to me that there are posts as recent as Thursday that don’t appear on the front page.

    The point of the new front page is not to highlight every recent post. It’s to highlight the most important stuff.

    Might be nice if the headers (Question of the Weekend, Movie Buzz, WTF,
    etc.) would click through to the relevant category listing.

    That would require more programming know-how than I have, which is essential zero.

    I’m glad, I guess, that it seems like I know what I’m doing here. But I really don’t.

    Would be awesome if the category listings had pictures like how All Recent Posts does.


    Any reason you didn’t put names with the thumbnails for Female Gazing?

    And ditto. The theme that I’m using offers no option for adding text to those photos, and I don’t have the foggiest idea how to add anything like that.

    I honestly have no desire whatsoever to become a WordPress developer.

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