redirects and Disqus now fully operational!

I think just about everything is now operating in the new WordPress site. Redirects of old URLs have been fully implemented, so you shouldn’t encounter any broken links. If you do, please email me with the link that isn’t working, so I can fix it.

All Disqus threads have now been migrated over from the old pages, and even better, the old Movable Type comments, from before I started using Disqus, have now been imported into Disqus (this was not possible under MT, or I’d have done it way back when). You can “claim” your old comments, so that they appear now with your Disqus profile, via a process Disqus explains here.

The only major glitchy thing I’m seeing at the moment is that the comment count is off for some posts in some places: some at the top of a post, some in category or tag listings. I’ll see if I can figure out how to fix that.

Some old posts have weird formatting, which I’ll fix as I run across it, but since it doesn’t make the posts unreadable, I’m not making that a top priority at the moment.

Please do continue to let me know if you run into glitchy stuff…

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