the WordPress migration continues to kick me in the ass…

The database issues have been successfully dealt with. Now I’m tweaking the design on the new WordPress site. It is absolutely astonishing how many hours you can lose to fiddling around with the smallest things just because your OCD won’t let you leave them alone.

You can sneak a peek at the new site here.

I think I might be ready to flip the switch later this week.

But then comes the real pain-in-the-ass stuff: redirecting just under 14,000 URLs — because they’ll be ever so slightly different under WordPress, but in a way that might be better for SEO (it had better be, after all this hassle) — and migrating the comments in Disqus, because those ever-so-slightly different URLs is gonna throw Disqus a curveball.

Once all that is settled, the real changes will begin, with the raising of an experimental paywall on some content — via TinyPass — and the experimenting with some new types of content.

My brain is so fried with all this crap…

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