welcome to the new WordPress-y FlickFilosopher!

Wayne Knight Jurassic Park

It smells like fresh paint, so don’t breathe too deeply or you might get lightheaded. There’s sticky spots all over the place, so be careful what you touch. The gift shop is already open, of course.

But here it is: FlickFilosopher.com on WordPress, at long last, and with much hassle. And it’s far from finished: there is much tweaking left to do. But I’m opening with the basic tour you see here. I have all the problems of a major zoo and a major theme park at the same time, or something. And I don’t even have a Dennis Nedry (though that’s probably a good thing). Oh, and look: there the locks have gone all wonky on the electric jeeps for no reason at all… *sigh*

Like Dennis, I have been eating way too much junk food while this has been in progress. Ugh. But better than Dennis can manage, I run this site from this one room with minimal assistance all the time.

I did get an awesome database assist from ReadyMadeWeb, who handled the migration of my highly customized Movable Type database into a form that WordPress could cope with it. It was a complicated process that had me pulling my hair out along the way, and probably did the same to ReadyMadeWeb’s Cord and Pete. But they were extremely patient and helpful and professional and supremely competent. I couldn’t have done this without them. (If you have a simpler MT or TypePad site, they have a plugin that can do the job of moving to WordPress for you.)

Appearancewise, the theme is from Elegant Themes, but I made a lot of modifications and customizations. Naturally. Because I’m insane.

Here’s what’s happening now: the Disqus threads are propagating over from the old site. This could take as long as 24 hours, but if you see a thread has comments, you can go ahead and continue to post and respond as usual. If there’s no Disqus stuff on a post, it should be there by sometime tomorrow. I’ll also be adding in some Disqus widgets for current conversations and such, as the old site had. Look for that within the next day or so.

Redirecting the URLs of posts from the Movable Type site is gonna be more of a hassle. That could take many days to resolve fully, and it means that most of the internal links here (as well as links from elsewhere on the Web) are going to point to the old MT pages until that’s all taken care of. If there’s something you’re desperate to find and simply can’t, drop me a line and I’ll help you.

The subscription service has moved over to TinyPass, and soon I’ll be implementing a sort of paywall, with some content available only to subscribers. I won’t do that until I’ve been in touch with all the current subscribers and gotten you all set up with TinyPass. That will be happening over the next week or so.

Because there is going to be some actual meaty premium content for subscribers, I’ve opened up the Daily Digest email to everyone, subscriber or no. You can find a signup form in the sidebar. (If you’re already getting the Daily Digest as a subscriber, you don’t need to rejoin. You’ll continue to receive it.)

Please feel free to point out any problems you run into. I’m sure there will be many I’m not aware of until someone says something!

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