Doctor Who thing: if you give a Dalek an iPhone…

Doctor Who Daleks EyeStalk iOS app

…you get photos that only a Dalek would take.

EyeStalk is an iOS app that

Us[es] advanced image manipulation techniques EyeStalk transforms photos/videos to give you a through the eyestalk view as seen by the Doctor’s deadliest enemy, the Daleks.

EyeStalk has the following features:

Seven Dalek effects based on the TV series:
Power/Mk3 – Black and White with 60’s style scan lines
Victory – Blue monochrome with clear centre and blurred hex regions
Doomsday – Blue monochrome with bump distortion in centre and blurred hex regions
Paradigm – Light blue monochrome with bump distortion centre and overlaid sight
Destiny – Red monochrome with grey concentric circles
Remembrance – Green thermal image with 80’s style graticule.
Asylum – Grey monochrome with bump distortion in the centre and blurred hex regions

It Dalek-izes video, too!

More info and Apple Store links at EyeStalk.

Via Pop Candy.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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