Doctor Who thing: make your own cardboard TARDIS

cardboard TARDIS Doctor Who

I’ve highlighted TARDIS fridges before: fans who have transformed their kitchen appliances into something that looks like the TARDIS, and a minifridge that comes in a TARDIS theme. Now, here are instructions for making your own TARDIS out of a cardboard refrigerator box. From Instrucables:

A big blue Tardis Police Box is a fantastic item to decorate any Doctor Who party, but a Tardis can be expensive to make and then awkward to store once the party is over.

We made this simple Tardis from a cardboard refrigerator carton and some paint. Hopefully you can make it for under $20, less if you have existing paint.

The items you’ll need:

Fridge carton – Free from a large electrical appliance retailer. Larger the better.
Paint – Blue for body of the box. Rattle can black and silver for the details.
Roller or brushes.
Printer – to print out the signs and windows.

Click over to Instrucables for complete step-by-step directions, with photos. As creator Icedvovo notes in the comments, it’s easy to pack it flat for storage.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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